Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Ignition Interlock do?

The Drager Ignition Interlock is a device similar to the breathalyzer law enforcement uses. You blow into the device to test your BAC level, and if no alcohol registers, you are able to start and drive your vehicle. If your BAC level is too high, your vehicle won't start.  All systems in Wisconsin require additional tests while driving; any alcohol detected once the vehicle has been started will cause the alerts to sound. We do not and cannot shut your vehicle down once it has been started. Your safety and compliance are a priority for us.

Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Device employees will demonstrate how to use the device when you arrive for installation.


What kind of monitoring is involved?

The Interlock Device records all BAC records - such as vehicle starts, engine shut-offs and violations - including the date and time of all events. These events are uploaded upon recalibration and a report is drawn for the County to review.
How often is the monitoring? Monitoring or recalibration of the IID is required every two months. We provide this service at no extra charge.

What happens if alcohol is detected by the Interlock Ignition Device?

After a failed test, the vehicle will not start and the test will be recorded as a failed test. Repeated failed tests could result in the device going into what is known as a temporary lockout. The lockout period appears on the interlock device handset. After the lockout period has ended, you will be able to retest.

In the event you fail a "rolling retest" (a test while the car is running), the alerts will sound on the device. These are usually tied into your vehicles headlights or flashers and horn. We don not and cannot stop the car from running. This is required to ensure your compliance with the IID program in Wisconsin. To get the alert to stop sounding, simply pull over and turn off the vehicle. After a temporary lockout period, you will be able to retest to start your vehicle again.

Will the installation of the ignition interlock damage my vehicle?

No. The IID unit is only connected to the wiring under the dash. At the end of the program, this wiring is restored to pre-IID installation conditions.

Why is servicing the interlock every 60 days so important?

Service is required every 60 days to recalibrate the Interlock. If service is not made on your Interlock, the device will permanently lock you out until a Wisconsin Ignition Interlock employee can remove the lockout. This recalibration is to ensure the device is still reading properly and functioning as it should be. It also serves as a point for us to upload the events from your device into a report for your program file. Not having these reports could affect how long you need the device installed for.

Do I own the device once it is installed?

No, you are leasing the device from Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Device.  All service providers in the Wisconsin area lease the device. Our staff will inform you of how to properly care for our device.

For further questions or to schedule an installation, please contact us at 262-691-0600. You may also stop in our office at any time between 9:00AM and 5:00PM or contact us at